Nice Sanitary Napkins

Nice Sanitary Napkins

A tribute to Indian women.
Women of India are renowned for their patience, perseverence and maternal feelings like love and care, which makes them the best mothers in the world. Nice Hygienic Products recognise their contribution in building our society and salute them. They deserve the best. So we are presenting them a very personal gift. Prmium sanitary napkins in a very ordinary price.

Superior In every count

Nice Sanitary Napkins are premium sector products with every quality enhancements incorporated in the making. They offer eight level of protection in your uneasy days. Nice Pads absorb fluids into its core, convert it into gel, keeping it intact without leakage or causing stain. Pads are covered, under and over, in special polymer linings and cottony covers. They attach well to the clothing and fit nicely to the contours. Sides are extra protected with special wings. There are eight layers of protection to keep you safe from any discomfort or embarrasement.

Multi Layer Protection
  • 1st Layer gives soft dry surface
  • 2nd Layer (wings) protects the sides
  • 3rd Layer absorbs & convert liquids to gel
  • 4th Layer air laid paper gives freshness & softness
  • 5th Layer polymer keeps surface dry
  • 6th Layer protects bottom from moisture
  • 7th Layer controls moisture and heat
  • 8th Layer gives better adhesion and fix
Directions for use
  1. Remove release paper
  2. Stick pad onto the panty
  3. Remove release paper from wings
  4. Wrap around panty sides
How to dispose

Do not flush wrap used napkins in paper and put it in the waste bins. LDPE